Build a Better Reality

Karma Kingdom is a journey, through virtual, social and spiritual space. On each step of the journey is a lesson learned, a good deed done, a quest fulfilled, a friend made; your world made better.

Chaos and strife have beset the known world. Whole countries have been decimated by violence and war, poverty and disease are on the rise, and greed seems to be the only currency that has any meaning. You and a small group of leaders from other districts, provinces and states have decided that a new way of life must be found if humanity is to be saved.

As you return from your summit, however, a terrible storm strikes your homeland. You and some of your fellow citizens make it to a boat and you set out to sea where the weather seems calmer. As if guided by some force, you head further and further from main land. The journey is difficult and your rations are few. After weeks of hard travel, you arrive at an island.

You are greeted by the god, Ganesha, who reveals your destiny, greets you; to lead your people to build a community based on safety, health and peace. He informs you that the lessons taken and learned here in this fresh paradise should be shared to the wider known world. He challenges you to a set of quests that you must accomplish but warns you that there are other gods and other quests beyond his.

You complete the quests of the gods you encounter along the way and your world will grow and thrive, but there will be hurdles thrown at you from the forces of darkness that drove you from the old world. If you listen and learn from the gods you and your friends will overcome these forces and be able to connect with others and help other civilizations create their better worlds also.

As you move through your journey you realize the positive energy of building a new way of living, in peace and harmony with others. You begin to see that the good deeds that you perform inside your new world begin to affect your real world. A daily deed, a small contribution to those in need, a smile for someone you pass; you can create your better world.

A little bit about the gods that guide you . . .

Ganesha – He is the Lord of Success and the remover of obstacles, your tutor and introduces you to the Karma Kingdom world. His quests will start you on your way to build your new world and to continue to improve it.

Hanuman – He is the god of friendship and loyalty. His quests for you will build your community through the strength of others, healing and compassion.

Laxmi – She is the goddess of inner wealth, knowledge and happiness. She
will teach that knowledge of yourself and your community will lead to peace and

Surya – He is the sun god, along with Chandra their quests will help you to live
in-tune and aligned with the environment of your new world.

Chandra – He is the moon god and works hand in hand with Surya.

Garuda – The god of defense and will challenge you to deal with conflict in your
new world.