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New Partnership w/ Salaam Bombay

Posted on June, 08, 2012 by - 0 Comments

Karma Kingdom is excited to announce a new partnership with India based, anti-tobacco NGO Salaam Bombay. Salaam Bombay is joining Sankara Eye Foundation as Karma Kingdom’s second NGO partner. Here is the excerpt from the partners page:

India has the world’s largest population of children.
Easy availability of tobacco and lack of social sanction has made tobacco a problem of epidemic proportions amongst children especially in the lower socio economic strata. Every day, more than 55,000 children in India below the age group of 15 years are estimated to try tobacco for the first time. Five million Indian children are said to be addicted to tobacco. One third of them are likely to die a painful death due to this addiction. These marginalized children of India are severely deprived and have very little support from their families or society. They are the easiest targets for tobacco companies.

We, at Salaam Bombay Foundation, believe that children grow as their horizons grow. The broader their horizon, the greater their hope and higher their aspiration. Children can make correct informed decisions if they are given access to appropriate information and life skill tools to deal with every day situations.

Studies have shown that if children manage to stay away from tobacco till the age of 18, there is a very high chance that they will never take to it. Thus, we have been working with children aged 10-17 years from the weakest sections of society. We are active in 49 Municipal schools and 51 government aided schools in Mumbai and our Outreach programs has reached 5 districts of rural Maharashtra. We have meaningfully reached 1.3 million children in the last year.

Salaam Bombay Foundation works towards empowering children to live their life free from the threat of tobacco and to become confident adults to lead tomorrow’s India.


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